Echo Core Lab


The Echocardiography (Echo) Core Lab offers a wide range of services related to the analysis of medical images.

Protocol Development

Assistance in the development of study-specific documents is one of the initial tasks we can provide for our customers before the start of the clinical trial.

We provide assistance in the development of:

  • Clinical Study Protocol
  • eCRF (Electronic Case Report Forms)
  • Sonographer manual
  • Study analysis plan
  • Study-specific SOPs for data handling and analysis

Training and Certification

In most clinical trials with imaging endpoints sonographers need to be trained before they are eligible for recording patient echos. We provide on-site training and on-line training (e.g. videos, web-based training sessions)

Subsequently sonographers have to submit a evaluation echo study, which will be analyzed by our readers to provide real-time feedback.

If study specific requirements are fulfilled (e.g. all required views recorded) and the quality of the recorded echo is sufficient (according to our specified quality criteria) the sonographer receives a certification document.  

Image Reading

Our core business is providing high quality echocardiographic image analysis according to the study-specific analysis plan

Under certain conditions, it might also be required that ad-hoc image analysis needs to be performed by our core lab (e.g. verification of inclusion criteria).

After the reading, an additional control-reading (“overreading”) is done by our most experienced team members.

We provide LV, LA and RV analysis of conventional and novel cardiac echo parameters:
  • Volumes, Diameters, Ejection Fraction
  • Diastolic function (doppler)
  • Strain, Strainrate
  • Mass
  • Wall thickness

We also have a a vast experience with stress echocardiography studies (treadmill and/or dobutamine).